What is padel?

Padel is a racquet sport that combines the elements of tennis, squash and badminton. It is only played in doubles and is practiced outdoors as much as indoors.

Novak Djokovic also plays padel such as part of his training,and here you can see him having fun in one of the World Padel Tour events.

The game was invented by Enrique Corcuera of Mexico, who also created the first padel club in Marbella in 1974. The sport became absolutely popular in Spain, besides has been the professional circuit host of the World Padel Tour where it has been played since 2005. Over the course of the past 10 years, padel has begun to spread rapidly to the rest of Europe and the United States too.

Old fashion padel court with 4 people playing

The US Padel Association was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1993 and opened two courts in the Chattanooga area. The American Paddle Association was formed in 1995 and built its first courts at a private club in Houston, Texas for exhibition games.

What is padel nowadays?

Extremely fun, social and accessible sport for everyone!!! Padel is a breath of fresh air that is revitalizing clubs with an activity complimentary to tennis.

Padel is now played by over 10 million players and has become the fastest growing sport in the world.AND NOW IN THAILAND

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