This league also known as League ”A” It is the highest category of padel in Thailand.

This last season ,the pair of Pablo/Jim has gotten the first place with and incredible last match against Taylor/Vlad.Both teams had played the best padel in Bangkok from long time ago.The first position will get a trophy and our favourite price,a dinner for two at Jamon Jamon spanish restaurant , friends and sponsor of this padel bangkok league”A”

Jamon jamon league since 2019 it is the first category of padel in Thailand,played at Bangkok Padel Club it takes 2 months for all of the matches to be completed.Season by season we are getting more teams and we are watching better padel nowadays. The average level is increasing a lot in Bangkok which it is great for all padel lovers in Thailand.

The second place of Padel league A it goes to Vlad/Taylor.With a tight last game against an incredible Fer/Corona ,we have seen a very nice game with awesome rallies that both duo has enjoyed as much as we did.Thank you for such as GREAT match.

Next game for Fer/Corona it would be next week.The couple would go to playoffs against the second team of Arroz League and the winner will stay on league A while the loosing team will keep fighting on league B. We are pretty sure it will be an easy game for the Spanish/Portuguese pair. Buena suerte chicos ! ! !

Teams and points October-November 2019

Resume of points and score