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Adidas Padel coaching

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What we do

Padel Bangkok it is the first club based in Thailand.As a sports club we provide all of the services related with this sport in Thailand,since book a court to individual coaching with our formed experts from Adidas padel.logo all for padel adidas

Where we are

Our padel court it is inside of the Sport complex ”Happy sports club” happy sports club bird view image

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Here you have the exactly adress on google maps,however if you can´t find it simply send us a message on Facebook, Line, Instagram, form at the bottom of this page, Webchat …And we will explain you the easier journey from your location.Otherwise you can give us a call and we will make sure to give you all the details including prices of the transports from your area to our padel court.As a small tip ,the nearest MRT station it is Sutthisan.From there it would takes you only 10 more minutes and you will find the sport complex with a huge parking free 24 hours.

Padel balls basket inside a padel court and a coach serving some balls

Virtual Trainer

In we count with an online padel training, that way you can learn the basics of padel from the comfort of your sofa. But don´t forget to come to the court time to time…

4 people playing padel in an old fashion court in black and white

What is Padel

Don’t you know what is padel game?

In this case check the history of padel post and soon you will be an expert of it.


Now that you know a bit more about padel we invite you to try your first session ABSOLUTELY FREE in our sports academy .

Wear your sport clothes ,call 3 more friends to join and we will provide you with rackets and balls to try for one hour trial totally free for you and 3 more guests.