Adidas Padel club now in Bangkok .

In our sports complex at Bangkok we count with Adidas Padel coaches to give you the best padel coaching in Thailand

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All of our coaches are been formed by ALL FOR PADEL ACADEMY. The institution created by Adidas has developed a series of first level courses aimed at professionals in the world of this sport , especially coaches and instructors, in whose hands will put all the necessary tools so that they expand their knowledge and improve their training methods.
AFP Academy has developed a methodology that allows to complete the training of coaches in the technical, tactical, biomechanical and physical aspects specific to our sport.

Some pictures of our coachings

AFP INTERNATIONAL MASTER TRAINER BY ADIDAS PADEL Support the development of the paddle around the world, offer the means to take the methodology to all corners of the planet and to certify professionals who live in other countries.

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What are the benefits of playing padel?

  1. Burn calories. A party can get to burn between 400 and 700 kilocalories, depending on whether it is male or female and the intensity with which it is practiced. The accumulation of short, intense movements makes padel an aerobic or endurance sport, which helps burn fat.
  2. Toning glutes. And is that three sets of 12 squats in the gym can be equivalent to 20 outputs of low pairs in semiflexion.
  3. Increase muscle tone The padel “forces” to be speed, coordination and power physical qualities more worked and necessary for their practice. With the intensity is increased energy expenditure and, above all, muscle tone, defining the contour of it.
  4. Shape twins. This muscle works a lot on the paddle because of the number of starts that are made forward and backward, in addition to maintaining many times the weight on the tips of the feet.
  5. Improve agility With the practice of paddle we not only tone the body but we improve the coordination of movements, that is, our agility and reflexes.